Best Photos of December 2017

Best Photos of December 2017

2017 ended in a crescendo of great music for DC Music Review.  We hope you enjoy this "Best Photos of December 2017" as selected by our photographers.

Editor Note: This is our first installment of our monthly  'Best of Photograph' for a given month.  This series will continue in perpetuity or until the end of the world, whichever comes first. 

About the author

Jason Herman

A 24x7 member and Photo Editor of DC Music Review. Jason has been a passionate about music since his earliest days and is especially passionate about the music scene around his adopted hometown, Washington DC. With over 35 Grateful Dead and 70+ Phish Shows under his belt, you can find him at concerts around the country but especially in his adopted hometown of Washington, D.C. Before turning his lens to music, Jason followed professional cyclists around the U.S. Domestic Circuit to the tallest mountains in Europe.