Choose Your Own Adventure Hosts EP Release Party at Gypsy Sally’s with Buddha Cons [Photos/Audio]

Choose Your Own Adventure brought their live composed funk collective to Gypsy Sally's last Wednesday to celebrate the release of their first EP. It was a night marked by sonic waves and chanting melodies drowning in funky mix of ancient and tech heavy drones. This band features different people at nearly every show, but at this show their frontperson, Gina Sobel, was joined by Ryan Lee on guitar, Trevor Pietsch on bass, and Pat Hayes on drums.

The album was recorded live at Minimum Wage Recording in Richmond, VA on December 11, just a handful of days after we caught them at Pearl Street Warehouse. Every track off the album was played this night, but don't go expecting them to sound too similar to their studio counterparts. While some of the structure of the songs may remain familiar, this crew essentially arranges each one on the spot.

They opened with the first track off the EP, 'Netflix and Jam,' an upbeat funk groove. Next they were joined by Stephanie Kaiser for 'Corrina, Corrina.' Zack Cutler joined them next for another off the EP, "QZak," a slow drop beat groove falling into a decomposing epic jam with jazzy drum interludes.

True to form for this crew, the next song was an improvised jam, before dipping back to the album for a couple tracks with 'All Day Long' and 'Good Question', a track that comes at you in rounds of soaring buildups. Ian Dansey joined them for the latter, and stayed on stage as they went into 'Just the Five of Us', a smooth vibe rendition of 'Just the Two of Us' that is as different from the original as it is alike, with a drum solo that turned it dark in the best of ways. Fans of our DC Scene-In-Review podcast will recognize the last track off the album to get played this night, 'Spoiler Alert.'

Vulfpeck's 'Back Pocket' was next, a go-to cover for this group. Jack Irby and Neel Singh joined them for a bit before they original crew closed out the night with 'Sea of Love,' and old, happy jam of theirs.

They were joined by Buddha Cons, providing an appropriately jammy and experimental set to open the night. Check out photos and full show audio below, and make sure to check out CYOA's new EP on bandcamp.

--Nina Goodman contributed to this article--

Click here to see the setlist for Choose Your Own Adventure's  performance at Gyspy Sally's on February 7, 2018

Enjoy audio recording of the performance recorded by our collaborator Will Urquhart.

Click here to see the setlist for Buddha Con's  performance at Gyspy Sally's on February 7, 2018

Enjoy audio recording of the performance recorded by our collaborator Will Urquhart.

Enjoy photos by our photographer Jason Herman of Jason Herman Photography.

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Choose Your Own Adventure

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