Venue Review: The Anthem – Washington, D.C.

Foo Fighters Opening Night at The Anthem
The Anthem at The Wharf Logo

The Anthem

901 Wharf Street SW

Washington, DC 20024

Capacity: 2,500 - 6,000 (based on on Venue configuration)

The Anthem opened to much fanfare at Washington D.C.'s brand new Wharf in October 2017. This brand new $60 million dollar 57,000 square foot venue is about as state of the art as it comes and is extremely well thought out (aside from a few glitches here and there which we are sure the venue will resolve over time).

The Anthem is the sister entity to the 9:30 Club, a legend in it's own right, and is owned by the same production company, I.M.P. Concerts.    You will find that I.M.P. will do some cross promotion between the two venues with a major act playing one night at the 9:30 Club, and another night at this venue.

Key Information:

Cell Phone Coverage:

This is actually quite important to know ahead of time.  There is very little, if ANY cell phone signal while while attending an event inside this venue.  There is free public Wi-Fi at the venue, however this network is easily overwhelmed and unavailable during events, especially at capacity crowds.  If you need to make a phone call, your best chance is to go to the outdoor smoking lounge on the second floor.  (More information below.)  

The main floor of The 8x10 is always open.  There is a second floor in the venue, but this is only open for larger shows and is not always open.

Anthem Seating Chart

Anthem Seating Chart.  Click to enlarge.

Box Seats / "Super Excellent Seats"

There are 450 box seats available in this venue.  If you want to enjoy the concert with designated seats, they are available for purchase at premium prices.  We have found that audience members can have a very enjoyable seating experience with General Admission seating

General Admission Seating

There is ample and comfortable General Admission throughout the venue.  In fact there is hardly a bad seat in this venue.  I.M.P. owner Seth Hurwitz designed the venue with the intention that there is not a bad seat in this venue.

Box Seating Important Note: Behind each box section there are two rows of unreserved General Admission Seating available.  

Second and Third Level General Admission Seating:  At the back of the second and third level of this venue are unreserved General Admission Stadium Seating.  Audience members can stand or sit in stadium seating and enjoy the show.

Bars & Beverages

Bars are bars available on each side of the venue on the first, second, and third level.

At the back of the main level, right behind the soundboard, you will find a very large double sided bar.

On the second and third story of this venue there are specialty carts selling drinks including a coffee/espresso bar and specialty margaritas.

Note: Alcohol is at a premium at this venue.  A 12 ounce beer will cost $9.50.  You may want to enjoy a beer or drink drink outside the venue before entering the performance.  For example, The Shake Shack, located around the corner from the venue, sells their signature beer for 16oz/$5.79 and 24oz./$7.79.   


Bathrooms are available on each level of the venue

Special Notes:  

Main Level Bathrooms:  Bathrooms on the main level are especially crowded due to the high volume of GA Standing on this floor.  Bathrooms on the second and third floor are not nearly as crowded.  

Main Level Men's Room Bathroom:  If you are standing towards the front of the GA Standing section you may find it difficult to get to the men's bathroom.  There is a bar between the front of the venue and the men's bathroom.  If the bar lines are especially long and dense, it is a little difficult to navigate across these lines to get to the men's room on the opposite side.


 Vending is found in the main lobby when entering from the Wharf Street / Wharf Side entrance.  There is additional vending at the back of the venue next to the Maine Avenue entrance.

Smoking Lounge

An outdoor smoking lounge is located on the second level of the venue.    This lounge serves several purposes besides smoking.  Concert attendees should be able to get cellular coverage from this lounge and also be able to take in breathtaking views of the Wharf's harbor from behind The Anthem's marquee signage.

A View from the Smoking Lounge

A View from the Smoking Lounge


Elevators are available on the Wharf Street side of the venue that transport concert attendees between the three levels of the venue.

ADA accessible seating is available on the second and third level of the venue on the Wharf Street side of the venue between the GA Stadium Seating and Box seating.    

Additional Features

As you walk through the lobby on the Wharf Street entrance, please make sure to look up.  You will notice a beautiful two story installation of drum cymbals overhead.  You can also view this installation close up as you exit the elevators on the second and third level.

Getting There

Anthem Location

Click to enlarge


North of Washington DC:  From I-495, take I-295 South. Take Exit 1B-C toward I-695/Route 395/Downtown. Take Exit 5 for 7th Street/L’Enfant Promenade, then turn left onto 7th Street to Maine Avenue. Turn right on Maine Avenue.

South of Washington DC: Take I-395 North. Take Exit 4 toward SW Waterfront/National Park/Maine Ave and follow 9th Street to Maine Avenue. You will then face The Anthem.


L'Enfant Plaza Metro station is 4 blocks away from venue.  This Metro station is especially good given that is it serves the Orange, Silver, Blue, Yellow, and Green

The Waterfront Metro station is the closest to The Wharf, however station is 4 blocks away from the venue at the far end The Wharf.

Taxi / Uber / Lyft

The venue and box office is located on 900 Main Street SW.  This address will be the easiest address to direct your driver to,


There are several parking options available for people driving to The Wharf.

Wharf Parking

The closest parking option is parking at The Wharf which will cost approximately $26 for 4 hours or more.  This parking lot is located on Maine Ave SW on Blair Alley, one block south of the Fish Market.

Additional Parking (We cannot understate the value of the following section):

There are approximately 10 parking lots within walking distance of the venue.  A map to these facilities can be found here

NOTE: If you are looking for pre-booked parking at discounted rates, we recommend using SpotHero.  If you don't mind walking a few blocks, you can buy parking for as little as $7.

Electric Vehicle Charging 

Wharf Parking has 11 electric standard vehicle charging stations.  (Connection Type: J1772)

Additional Resources

For more information on The Wharf, please see the following link.

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