Venue Review: Ardmore Music Hall – Ardmore, PA

Along the Northeast Megalopois exists a silk road of music venues.  One venue that shines brightly is the Ardmore Music Hall in Ardmore, PA.  This venue is found along the quaint streets of Historic Downtown Ardmore, just to the west of downtown Philadelphia.

Ardmore Music Hall

Ardmore Music Hall

23 Lancaster Ave

Ardmore, PA 19003

Phone: (610) 649-9390

Capacity: 600

Music fans have undoubtedly seen this venue listed as a tour stop on many a tour schedule. This venue is frequently a stop on a tour going through the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD metro area.

Those that live close to the venue cherish it and always tell other concert goers from outside of the greater Philadelphia how special this venue is, and why they should experience it for themselves.  Many individuals from around the Washington/Baltimore area have heard about this great music hall in the north but contemplate if they should make the journey to experience The Ardmore Music Hall for themselves.   DC Music Review has heard of this venue so much that we had to make the pilgrimage to this venue ourselves to see what it is all about, and if whether it is worth the journey.

Simply put, the pilgrimage to this venue is worth the visit!

Why You Should Go

Overall Concert Experience

The venue has a modest facade on Lancaster Avenue with only a few neon musical notes on the outside to give a hint at the amazing venue inside.  Once you step through the entrance, you see a carefully composed two-story venue, which holds less than a thousand people, with areas set aside for both standing and seated concert experiences.   The sound system and lighting systems are both top notch and you will rarely, if ever, find a bad sound location.  

The venue has paid special attention to ensure that almost almost every place in the venue has unobstructed view and crisp sound.   If you prefer a seated concert experience look no further than the back of the main space to sit down and have clear view of the performance.

You will not miss a second of a performance even at the far end of the bar as it was  designed for a concert goer in mind.  The accompanying photo was taken from the far side of the bar, and as you can tell, the stage is unobstructed and allows an individual to take in the full experience, even when waiting for a drink by the bar.

Quality of Acts

The quality of the acts that pass through The Ardmore Music Hall is quite simply staggering, if an artist is playing this venue it is because they are top notch quality.  There are occasions where an artist is doing a mini-tour with only a few shows being played.  Sometime artists, such as the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, will performa a multi-night run at this venue.  If the artist only comes as far South as The Ardmore Music Hall, take the road trip and see them here.

Special Productions

The Ardmore Music Hall is truly second to none when it comes to special musical events! Not only does this venue specialize in putting together amazing lineups, but they take pride in their production of the events.  There are concert posters available, big screen projections, and on occasion live streaming of the events.

Ardmore takes huge pride in creating a spectacular concert experience. What a great light show above and to the side of the stage.

The Ardmore Music Hall makes considerable effort to selecting and assembling astounding lineups to create exceptional concert experiences for their patrons.  Here are just a few of the special productions that The Ardmore Music Hall put together for the 2017 Summer.   Each of these special productions look spectacular and worth the visit to this music hall.  (We attended the Unlimited Devotion event and that alone will bring us back to this venue for any further productions.)

50th Anniversary Celebration of "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band"

50th Anniversary Celebration of "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band"

Unlimited Devotion Musical Celebration & Wavy Gravy's Birthday Party

A 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Monterey Pop Festival

A 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Monterey Pop Festival

Ardmore Summer of Love Concert

Please make sure to see their upcoming schedule of events.

Getting There

Public Transportation Downtown Philadelphia

If you are staying in downtown Philadelphia and do not want to drive to the venue you can take the Paoli/Thorndale Regional Rail (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) from 30th Street & City Call Stations downtown.  It will drop you off only 100 feet from the music hall and runs until midnight on weekdays, and later on weekends. Check out the SEPTA train schedule or view the schedule in PDF here .

From Points South

The easiest way to make your way to the venue is by taking I-95 and then taking Exit 7 to get on I-476.  Unless you want to visit downtown Philadelphia before your concert, you can avoid the congestion of downtown Philadelphia by skirting the city via I-476.


Parking is plentiful in Downtown Ardmore.  Parking is paid through 6pm but then FREE afterwards.


Food & Drinks

Tiny Hands

16 Ardmore Ave.

Ardmore PA, 19003

(610) 896-7621

Just a few short minutes by foot, Tired Hands Brewing Company's sits Tired Hands Brew Cafe.  This is a wonderful place to enjoy a pre-show drink or bite to eat.   It is also open between midnight and 1AM, depending on the day. The food, in particular is delicious, as they try to locally source all their food.  You will also find a rotating list of finely crafted and delicious beer that brewed only a few blocks away at their Fermentaria .  Don't take our word for it, everyone you meet in the venue is likely to talk to you about Tiny Hands.


If you are on a budget or prefer not to stay in Philadelphia, we recommend staying in hotels to the West of Ardmore, PA.  Staying to the West also allows you easier access to I-476 and I-95 to make your way home after a concert.

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