An In Depth Travel Guide to Denver and Beyond


Are you planning a trip out to Colorado to see a show at Red Rocks or Dick's Sporting Goods Park? We at DC Music Review  have all the key information and travel trips for your journey to Denver and the surrounding area.

Getting There:

Denver’s International Airport ( is located approximately 25 miles to the East of Downtown Denver. This is a significant air hub, and most national airlines travel to Denver.

If you do not want to rent a car, or do not want to use a shuttle or taxi to your hotel, the Denver Light Rail System has a train that runs from the airport to downtown Denver and connects with other light rail lines.

Light Rail from from Airport to Union Station can be found here. 

Denver’s International Airport ( is located approximately 25 miles to the East of Downtown Denver. This is a major air hub and most national airlines travel to Denver.

If you do not want to rent a car, or do not want to us a shuttle or taxi to your hotel, the Denver Light Rail System has a train that runs from the airport to downtown Denver and connects with other light rail lines.

Route from Airport to Union Station:


You would not normally associate the word traffic with Denver, however, Denver is now ranked 21st worst traffic in America. With approximately 1000 new people moving to Denver each week, traffic is becoming a big reality in and around Denver. Please make sure to check traffic resources before heading out.

Beside your smartphone map applications you can use the following resources:

Public Transportation

Denver has nine light rail lines which service 53 stations throughout Denver’s Metropolitan area. The light rail line is a great way to get around downtown Denver and even get to and from the airport.

Denver's Regional Transportation District

Denver has a public transport system that can be found here.

Denver has nine rail lines which service 53 stations throughout Denver’s Metropolitan area. You can use the Denver RTD Rail's interactive system to help you figure out how to get to where you need to be.

Bike Share

If you are staying in downtown Denver one of the easiest ways to get around is to utilize the Denver’s Bike Share . This bike share is very affordable and convenient. Please check their interactive map to see of all the available stations.

Climate Tips:

Colorado has very low humidity. If you are coming from somewhere with higher humidity (like the swamp like weather of the Washington,D.C. region) you should remember to pack the following items just in case.

Lip Balm:

Make sure to bring along some lip balm. After several days of hiking, walking, dancing, you might notice your lips getting particularly dry. Make sure to bring some lip balm to prevent chapped lips.

Water Bottles:

Be sure to bring a water bottle for your days and nights. Water may be hard to come by in National Parks and hikes. Staying hydrated is critical and beer does not count as optimal hydration.


Denver is "The Mile High City," and there are a few things that you should realize when going to altitude. First and foremost your alcohol tolerance does go down at altitude. If you decide to go further north into the mountains, do try to pace yourself and understand that despite whatever physical shape you are in, pace yourself and listen to your body especially if you exercise and exert yourself (like deciding to run up that 14er.)

Exploring Denver

Denver is undergoing a huge population explosion. In addition to new developments and neighborhoods being created, Denver has seen urban renewal with old aircraft hangars and brick factories being converted into food halls and arts centers. As former structures are transformed and redeveloped, the food scene continues to explode. 

In order to keep up with Denver's foodie scene we highly recommend Eater Denver which tries to highlight the latest food related news including new openings, closings, and reviews.

We fell in love with the Five Points neighborhood of Denver. Five Points is one of Denver’s largest neighborhoods which is shaped like a triangle. The area got its name in 1881 courtesy of the streetcar line that served the neighborhood: All the names of the final stop, Welton, 27th, Washington Streets, and 26th Avenue wouldn’t fit on the car’s sign. So the streetcar line simply called it “Five Points.”

All your best coffee, food, art, etc. Took many old warehouses and reconditioned them.

River North Art District (RiNo)

Within Five Points is one particular neighborhood that is exploding, River North (RiNo) Arts District. You will find craft coffee, delicious beer, fantastic food, vibrant street art, and independent retailers. This area is being revitalized so fast that at the time of this article (Editor Note: Summer 2017), new buildings were going up, streets were being restored & repaved. The two main arteries of RiNo are Larimer Street & Walnut Streets. You will want to explore these streets!

Getting There:

You have many options to get RiNo. You can very easily drive to RiNo and street parking is plentiful, although at the time of this writing, streets have been closed temporarily due to construction but there are many detours available. If you are staying in downtown Denver, you can also rent a bike share. Another alternative is you can take the to the Light Rail - D Line 38th / Blake Station. 

Foodie Highlights

Pick up some fresh food, coffee, prepare for a pre-game on the lot. We saw some delicious looking Italian sausage stuffed jalepeno’s that would look amazing on a grill at your next concert tail-gate.

This large building was a former brick foundry built in the 1880. It hosts a wide array of restaurants, bars, and food vendors and can easily accommodate most food needs.

Some of the best coffee you will try in RiNo. Two locations, one in the Denver Central Market, and one independent store.

Some of the tastiest and affordable Mexican street food you will find. We loved it so much we ate there twice!

Entertainment Highlights

This venue hosts an amazing variety of shows on it's calendar. Most importantly, this venue will host many pre and post-show events. 

Additional Resources / Reading:

Denver's Five Points Neighborhood: 5 Things You Don't Know About 'The Harlem of the West'

Additional Attractions around Denver:

You will be able to find many delicious food options in this historic and still active train station (Think of the food options in this station similar to Washington DC's Union Station or New York City's Grand Central Station) You can also pick up a wide variety of tail-gate supplies at the Union Station Farmer's Market held each Saturday from June to October in the plaza outside the station.

We explored the 16th Street Mall & Promenade. Despite the multiple recommendations, we found this part of Denver littered with big chain stores and restaurants. 

We would highly recommend other attractions over this one unless you prefer chain restaurants and stores.

Attractions Close to Dick’s Sporting Goods

Just a few miles down the road from Dick’s Sporting Goods Field, you will find Stanley Marketplace tucked behind a small residential neighborhood. The neighborhood is new, mostly because it lies on the former Denver Stapleton Airport and Stanley Aviation sits where Denver’s original airport main runway was. Now, more than 50 independently owned Colorado owned businesses operate out of this former airplane hangar right off of Runway 26. Come to Stanely for some coffee, refreshments or food before your concert or pick up some food for your tailgate party here.

Places to Go / Day Trips:

  • TO The South


Boulder is a fantastic town nestled right up against the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. There is something for everyone in this town. It is child-friendly, has wide streets, a pedestrian mall, a small stream rolling through it, and some of the most delicious food options and stores you will come upon.


Boulder has it’s downtown outdoor market on both days of the weekend. However, try to come to their Saturday Farmers Market.  You will be able to find locally sourced and lovingly made food from friendly vendors.


This local shop was founded by former professional cyclist Will Frischkorn and his wife, Coral. Will spent years traveling and tasting his way through Europe. This shop has two locations in Boulder, and each is filled with the very best cheeses, meats, and wines you can find. Be sure to pick up some food here, and especially their sandwiches.

You will find an exceptional selection and tasting coffee here.

This store not only has a fantastic selection of pre-made juices, made to order smoothies, but has one of the tastiest Avocado Toasts we have tasted (with sprouts, hand cut radishes, and an extra-tasty finish of lemon, oil, and sea salt).

This bike shop has everything a cyclist or anyone else could want (Bikes, beer, and coffee, quite the trifecta). This bike shop has a fantastic coffee shop with delicious nitro-coffee, a tremendous selection of local craft beer, and a top-notch bike shop and bike rental service. This shop is an ideal location to grab a coffee, rent a bike, and come back for a beer. The staff cannot be friendlier or more helpful. This is the bike shop we all wish we had in our backyard.


Flagstaff Mountain

Take a journey into the foothills of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains by heading west from Boulder. Drive up to the top of Flagstaff Mountain where you can take in scenic vistas and take a hike from one of the many trailheads located on the mountain. Also make sure to offer an encouraging word to one of the many cyclists you will see ascending this mountain because if you think your car is working hard to get up this steep grade, you can only imagine what it is like for that cyclist.

Boulder Falls

We are sad to report that at the time of this article, this excursion is closed indefinitely due to falling rocks, geological instability.  We mentioned this natural wonder only so you knew it was closed and did not make the journey only to find it closed.

Hotel Recommendations

No Hotel Experience is Complete without a Surrender To The Flow left outside your door!

Embassy Suites Denver Stapleton

4444 North Havana Street

Denver, CO 80239

Hytatt Regency Denver Convention Center

650 15th Street

Denver CO 80202

Additional Resources

  • We are big fans of Thrillist City Guides that points out some of the best that a city has to offer.  Please check out their Denver Guide.
  • For food enthusiasts, we really like This website focuses solely on the food scene in different cities around the globe. Please check out their Denver Guide.

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