Anna’s Music Of The Month – May Playlist

Anna's Music Of The Month

Introducing Anna’s Playlist Of The Month.

These are a few songs I guarantee will make quarantining at home a little bit easier. This playlist doesn’t follow an exact genre or style, rather it’s an eclectic mix of songs that can spice up your go-to playlist if it maybe has been shuffled one too many times. If you’re anything like me and can accidentally spend hours on the recommended lists Spotify creates for you just to find only one or two that stick, hopefully this saves you some time.

  1. 1
    Maybe She // Still Woozy
  2. 2
    Feels like a Sunday // Elderbrook
  3. 3
    Sweet to Me // Summer Salt
  4. 4
    Saw You In A Dream // The Japanese House 
  5. 5
    Punks and Poets // Elliot Root
  6. 6
    Goodie Bag // Still Woozy
  7. 7
    All The Time // Bahamas
  8. 8
    Stella Brown // Jelani Aryeh
  9. 9
    Better Views // Yellow House
  10. 10
    24/7/365 // Surfaces
  11. 11
    The Less I Know The Better // Tame Impala
  12. 12
    Silver Lining // Mt. Joy
  13. 13
    Fancy Shoes // The Walters
  14. 14
    Beach Bummer // No Vacation
  15. 15
    These Days // Wallows
  16. 16
    Claudia // FINNEAS
  17. 17
    If I Believe You // The 1975
  18. 18
    She Wants My Money // Dominic Fike
  19. 19
    Cayendo (Side A - Acoustic) // Frank
  20. 20
    Wait a Minute! // WILLOW
  21. 21
    Sheep // Mt. Joy
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Anna Mudd

Anna Mudd

Anna Mudd, a UNC tarheel, is still as passionate about music as she was the day she cried to her elementary school teacher about Johnny Cash dying. Though she still has a soft spot for bluegrass, Anna is mainly into Indie music. Despite being located in NC, Anna is excited to explore the DMV area as much as she can. When she isn’t listening to music, Anna is going to spin classes or hanging out with her friends.