Best Of DC Music Review’s 2019 Photos

Wow. 2019 was truly a memorable year for music in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. We at DC Music Review are grateful that we live in an area rich with music and are even more thankful to get to cover so many talented musicians and share it with you – our dedicated readers and fans. For more than 2+ years we have been lucky to assemble a  talented core of motivated photographers to help capture special moments and generate stunning images to share with the DC music community. Please enjoy these photos from our team and we look forward to further growth in 2020. 

Special thanks go out to all of our talented photographers. They are listed below in alpha order and linked to their DCMR bio page.

Josh Brick (Josh Brick Graphics)
Sean Chagnon (Eye of the Storm Photography)
Abbie Ginis
Jason Herman (Jason Herman Photography)
Ana Medvedeva
Caitlin Moore (Caitlin Moore Photography)
Dave Roberts
Emily Vitek

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