Buckethead Slays a Sold-Out State Theatre

The enigmatic virtuoso, Buckethead, graced the stage at The State Theatre in Falls Church, VA on Saturday, April 21 to the delight of a dedicated, sold-out crowd. The crowd's patience was rewarded as the solo artist played a jaw-dropping two-hour set. Many in the crowd donned Buckethead's signature KFC bucket in support of their hero. 

Buckethead has acquired a large, dedicated following and is known for his spectacular guitar chops as well as his stage presence. He's been associated with music royalty including the likes of Les Claypool (Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains), Guns N' Roses, Praxis and System of a Down. Saturday's show was a solo set with a backing track and the guitar god did not disappoint. His playing style crosses many genres metal, prog to rock and roll. Throughout the evening it was clear that Buckethead is a top-level player who also knows how to write beautiful and melodic songs. 

The set included a few short intermissions for the artist to display his nunchaku abilities and his mastering of the 'Robot' dance. He also took a few moments to hand out toys to adoring fans, reminiscent of Santa on Christmas morning. He returned to his signature Gibson Les Paul axe and awed with his fretwork that included some nasty bends, tapping and  usage of his modified kill-switch button. Nearing the end of the show, Buckethead threw in a few bars of the Star Wars' theme song to a loud roar by the crowd. He continues on this tour with a few dates in the Midwest followed by shows in the Southeast before a couple of dates in Texas. Be sure to catch him on this run and witness the greatness that is Buckethead. 

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