Circles Around the Sun to Headline 9:30 Club Thursday Night

By Will Urquhart / January 17, 2018

Circles Around the Sun returns to DC on Thursday night, for their first turn at headlining the historic 9:30 Club. Circles Around the Sun features Neal Casal, Adam MacDougall, Mark Levy, and Dan Horne, and was responsible for the background music that accompanied the biographical visuals shown during set breaks at the "Fare Thee Well" shows back in 2015. This mini tour includes six dates, with stops on both coasts. The West Coast shows bookend five days in the studio where the band records a long-awaited follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album, Interludes For The Dead.

At the time of writing this, tickets are still available, at $20. This is a show you do not want to miss. And stay tuned after the show for our coverage!

Photo gallery below from their 11/22/2016 show at The Hamilton by Josh Brick of Josh Brick Graphics:



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