DC Music Review Goes Mobile – Apps That Is!

DCMR Mobile Applications

With some geeky pride we are estatic to announce that DC Music Review has just released their iPhone and Android Mobile Applications!

This idea has been bounced around and talked about for quite some time and just like every ship you see on the horizon, you know it eventually reaches the shore - and that day is today!

We feel that this is going to be a game-changer and allows us to put some great content in your hand!

You May Have Noticed Some Changes When Navigating To Our Website

If you are using an iPhone you may have noticed the following notification on our homepage.

You may have recently noticed something a little different when you navigate to DC Music Review on your mobile device. You may have even noticed something above your browser bar on your iPhone.
Both of these apps share the same computer code and allow us to push out changes to each platform (we don't take sides - we love Android and Apple the same).

When we tell you that we think this is going to be a game-changer we mean it.  Not only that, we will be able to push out changes to our applications without the need for pesky updates. When we think of a great new idea, we can develop it and push it out to you!

So lets tell you a little more about what we are providing with our initial release.


So now that we have announced the application - the next question  you may have is "Ok.. but why do I need this?"

  • Off-Line Browsing - We recognize that you are on the go and sometimes stuck in dead zones in the DC Metro or at aremote music festivals (lucky you!). As a result, some of our content is cached and available for you wherever you may be.
  • Mobile-Friendly Pages - We have some rich content on our website, but on a mobile device, we present streamlined layouts that are easy to navigate.
  • Push Notifications - When an article comes out, you are notified!
  • Push Notification Settings - Currenty most of our notications are sent to a general notification. We are working behind the scenes to push automatically to the the notification channel you subscribe to.

That's just the initial release!

We have some other ideas percolating inside our heads. Remember, we are not just a website - we are music fans just like you. We are busy dreaming up ideas that we want for ourselves - the music lovers.  You never know what we will dream up.

If you want to see some of these features in action  look no further than some screen snapshots we have captured.


If you allow notifications it opens up a world of communication goodness.  (We don't judge you if you don't allow notifications. We know what it is like for your phone to blow up with notifications.)

Allow Push Notifications

When a notification comes out, especially one we hand craft, you can go directly to the article.

DC Music Review Application Notifications

Instant navigation to the article! 

(Did you know that you can watch a webcast in the palm of your hand and on our new mobile applications?

DC Music Review Application Notifications

Notification Settings

You will now notice a new mobile friendly menu.

If you look towards the bottom you will notice a 'Push Settings' option.

DC Music Review Menu Push Settings

You can manage which notifications you wish to be notifed by.

DC Music Review Menu Push Settings - Details

Download Our New Application Today

So what are you waiting for?

Download It on the Apple App Store
Get it On The Google Play Store
Download It on the Apple App Store
Get it On The Google Play Store
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