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DC Scene-In-Review

This week we are pleased to be able to release a brand new, DC Music Review original, monthly podcast called "DC Scene In Review" hosted by yours truly. Subscribe to DC Scene-In-Review on iTunes.

DC Scene In Review aims to give you a taste each month of some of the hottest live recordings you might have missed, or just want to rock out to again. It's light on talk, heavy on jams, and a great way to keep up with the powerful local music scene we have in and around our nation's capital. Each month we will provide a post here at DC Music Review with links to every track used in the show so you can keep listening on your own. So without further ado, we present the "October Edition" of DC Scene In Review:

It's hard to say we could have picked a more fitting month than October for our inaugural episode. The month brings some intense emotions for the music community, all kinds of Halloween fun, and we're joined by Rudi Greenberg, the Features Managing Editor at the Washington Post Express to dissect the celebrated opening of The Anthem. Later, Gordon Sterling, of Nappy Riddem and Capital Funk Squad, talks about Gordon Sterling Presents: The Gypsysally's Jam, the Las Vegas concert shooting, and the passing of Tom Petty.

Featured Tracks:

  • "Ready to Go" by Staycation with Tula Pisano and Frank Mitchell Jr. sitting in on October 28th at the Hallowscene show at Gypsy Sally's - Full show audio
  • "Make it Alright" by Hayley Jane and the Primates with Richard James of Pink Talking Fish sitting in on October 27th at Gypsy Sally's - Review with full show video and audio
  • "Act 3" Gordon Sterling Presents: the Gypsysally's Jam on October 3rd at Gypsy Sally's (Valerie Vega on vocals, Gordon Sterling on guitar, Steve Paquette and Joshua Dorton on keys, Stephen Rodriguez on drums, and Avi Walter on bass) - Livestream link
  • "One World Sovereignty" by Nappy Riddem on October 28th at the Hallowscene show at Gypsy Sally's - Full show audio
  • "So Many Roads" by Better Off Dead on October 7th at a benefit for Planned Parenthood at Gypsy Sally's - Livestream recording
  • "Soft Cage" by Drop Electric on on October 28th at the Hallowscene show at Gypsy Sally's
  • "I Know You Rider" by Phil Lesh and The Terrapin Family Band with Nicki Bluhm and Robert Randolph at The Anthem on October 25th - Taped by Alex Leary

Other good listening:

And be sure to check out Rudi Greenberg's article on the opening of The Anthem.

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