Falling into November: DC Scene-In-Review Podcast

The DC Scene-In-Review podcast is back for regular programming! We were on break for a while during summer and the elections, but we're getting back into the swing of things and we have a great episode of November highlights for you. This month features Ghost Light's return to DC, the much-loved, annual Turkey Run by John Kadlecik and Pals, some new music from new bands, and plenty more. As always, Rudi Greenberg of the Washington Post Express will join us to talk about his favorite shows from November and run through upcoming December shows you won't want to miss. Relive some of our favorite concert recordings from this month below! Click here to subscribe to the DC Scene-In-Review Podcast on iTunes.

Set List:

If you're looking for shows to check out, make sure to keep an eye out every Monday for Goodman's Good Mix concert picks, written each week by the awesome Nina Goodman. In addition to our podcast, we post a review of our favorite concert photos from the month as well, and we posted November's photos yesterday. We're also starting to build up our email list where we'll send out alerts and weekly concert updates. There is a signup button in our menu on the website, so make sure to get on the list if you'd like to get our emails.  And if you listen to this as an iTunes podcast, please give us a rating and review there to let us know what you think of this show.

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Will Urquhart

Will Urquhart is a television and radio producer, concert taper, and audiovisual expert. His focus is on webcast production and projection visuals for political organizations and bands. Will's work has been featured in various publications such as NPR, Live For Live Music, Live Music Daily, and many more.