Funky Dawgz Brass Band Lit Up Gypsy Sally’s with Dan N’ Friends [Video, Audio, Photos]

"We just might love Gypsy Sally's, that's why we keep coming back all the time. We know it's gonna be a good show every single time."

Things got funky at Gypsy Sally's last Friday as the Funky Dawgz Brass Band from Connecticut returned to DC with Dan N' Friends opening up the show. This aptly named group brought an energetic party that ended with them dancing on the railings and playing in the crowd. These guys have a crisp sound you can dance to and flawless transitions.

Funky Dawgz Brass Band on this night featured Aaron Eaddy (Trumpet / Lead Vocals), Tommy Weeks (Tenor Saxophone),  Mike Marsters, (Trombone & Sousaphone), Josh Murphy (Sousaphone), Colin Walters (Alto Saxophone),  and Jon Singngam (Percussion). The night also saw a sit in by Linc Bradham (Keys).

Dan Steele, front man and guitarist for Dan N' Friends, was joined by Stephanie Kaiser (Keys), Colin James (Keys), and Jonathon Model (Percussion). The Funky Dawgz horn section also joined them for a song.

You can relive the entire night with our webcast recording, audio playlists, and photos below.

Enjoy video and audio of the show recorded by our collaborator Will Urquhart.

Click here to see the setlist for Funky Dawgz Brass Band's performance at Gypsy Sally's on 4/06/2018 

Click here to see the setlist for Dan N' Friends' performance at Gypsy Sally's on 4/06/2018 

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