Goodman’s Good Music – Concert Picks of the Week – April 9th

Week Of:  April 9-15, 2018

The De-tax Relax Stax.


There's so much to do to get ready for this week leading up to the ides of April. File your taxes early and get out while you can to see these shows! 

Top Picks:

DCMR Staff Must-See Shows - these are some of the sweet shows that DCMR staff are checking out

  • April 12: Everyone Orchestra with Definition of One at Gypsy Sally's -- You haven't seen Everyone Orchestra yet? You're in for a treat. Each show is different, often made up of a different crew of all-star musicians who are ready to pivot to whatever their ringleader, Matt Butler, writes on his sidekick whiteboard. Audience participation organically happens, it's a trip, and one of the most funky and fun shows around. 
  • April 12/13: Pimps of Joytime on April 12 at The Broadberry and on April 13 with Gordon Sterling and The People at Gypsy Sally's -- "An intersection of Brooklyn’s indie music scene, New Orleans funk and San Francisco soul," the Pimps’ provide a positive groove and foster an infectious dance party like none other. Opening for them is Gordon Sterling and The People, a "psychedelic soul with a touch of bluesrock" quintet made up of some of the finest DC musicians out there.
  • April 12/13: Keller Willams on April 12 at Rams Head on Stage and April 13 at The Hamilton -- See multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter Keller Williams, often described as a, "one man jam band," weave elements of bluegrass, folk, jazz, funk, and rock together into a sweet spring stew.
  • April 14: They Might Be Giants at the 9:30 Club -- TMBG, Brooklyn's "Ambassadors of Love," always put on a quirky good-time show. The 9:30 Club is a most excellent spot to catch them on their tour for their new, super lively, "I Like Fun" album. 
  • April 14: The James Brown Dance Party at Baltimore Soundstage -- The JB Dance Party is the funkiest tribute show around featuring members of James Brown, The Bridge, Talib Kweli, and more. It is an insane shake-your-body dance party to some of the most signature grooves around. 

My Eclectic Picks - broaden your earworm's mindspace with these hidden gems that I'm super excited about

  • April 11: Pale Waves with Inheaven at U St. Music Hall -- Pale Waves is something ridiculously special and to see them playing in a place as intimate as U St. makes my heart leap. What gets me is their songwriting and emotion that's wrapped up in something very snappy and accessible. Hailing from the UK, along with South London's alt-heavy quartet Inheaven, this is a great chance for the DMV to see what they are all about. 
  • April 11: Girls on Deck & DJ Diaspora at Marvin's Roof -- The write-up on their event page says it all: "Every Wednesday at Marvin is Girls on Deck, where a rotating roster of DJs who are also women are doing our thing. Beats and melodies from the planet: past, present, future, near and far, on vinyl, including soul, go-go, disco, future beat, deep house, and Afrobeat." The future is here, mixing with the past, the time is now to check this out.
  • April 11: John Wiese, Aram Shelton & Harald Berg Duo, UV Haze at Rhizome DC -- John Wiese works primarily in recorded and performed sound with a focus on installation and multi-channel diffusions.  The Aram Shelton & Harald Berg saxophone and drum duo from Copenhagen explore the outer capabilities of their instruments via extended techniques and non-traditional sounds during live, experimental music-making sessions. I want to go to this show, close my eyes, and open my brain and heart and ears for whatever's coming. 
  • April 12: The Hillbenders present The Who's Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry at the Hamilton -- The HillBenders take bluegrass and turn it on its side. Although they love to perform original music, tonight they present The Who's Tommy, bluegrass style. And let's make the night even cooler. After their show, stick around the Hamilton and ask someone who works there how to get to the Hamilton Loft. Climb up the stairs to catch NSO Late Night, where the National Symphony orchestra plays a FREE show as part of SHIFT music, a week celebrating the "vitality, identity, and extraordinary artistry of orchestras and chamber orchestras by creating an immersive festival experience." The theme of the night is take what you know and switch it up. How fun is that?
  • April 15: U.S. Girls with Escape-ism at Union Stage -- U.S. Girls is a noise-pop project of Meghan Remy, who I hadn't heard of until now, and now I can't get her out of my head. First listen she reminded me of the fourth player in a Blondie and M.I.A. and Emily Haines four-square game. But there's more to it. She's completely her own thing and relevant to the right now and I must check her out on this Sunday night, along withDC punk veteran Ian Svenonius's Escape-ism. 

And don't miss these: 

Living Legends

Soulful Sounds

  • April 11: Christian Sands -- three-time Grammy nominee pianist and "emerging force" in jazz at Blues Alley
  • April 12: Hip Hop Orchestra (HHO) -- The HHO is a powerful collective of musicians who dare to venture into live orchestral instrumental composition and performance, see them make magic at the Kennedy Center
  • April 13: Arrested Development -- Grammy-award Best New Artist in 1992, Arrested Development performing as strong as ever at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club
  • April 13: Anbessa Orchestra Ethio-Groove -- free show of this Brooklyn-based Israeli septet, described as one of "the world’s hardest hitting Ethio-groove groups," at DC's Tropicalia
  • April 15: The Hut Presents The Out of Water eXperience -- Baltimore's "high intensity, alternative rock, progressive hiphop band" like none other, performing at DC's We Act Radio

Folky/Jammy Grooves

  • April 11: Jerry Tripsters -- the beloved Tripsters playing sweet sets of your favorite Jerry Garcia songs at the 8x10
  • April 13: The Werks and Litz -- bringing funk rock roots and multi-genre goodness to Baltimore SoundStage
  • April 13: Love Canon - a special "raucous blend of bluegrass" playing at the Pearl Street Warehouse
  • April 14: Red Molly -- catch this dynamic, deep-feeling female folk trio at The Hamilton
  • April 14: Caleb Stine Band-- Baltimore's beloved of-the-earth songwriter swoons at Hill Country DC
  • April 15: The Magic Beans -- Denver's fun, jammy, energizing groovers bring it to Gypsy Sally's

Indie and Rock and Pop Fixes 

  • April 10: Yesferatu SINGLE RELEASE SHOW with Weston Smith, Mr. Daywalker -- DC's own Yesferatu is, "sequential circuits, slinky bass lines and a southern drawl."  Come celebrate their first single, along with the sultry tones of Weston Smith and Mr. Daywalker at DC9
  • April 11: Franz Ferdinand -- Scotland's post-punk revivalists playing a sold out show at the 9:30 Club
  • April 11: Del Florida, My French Roommate, Kit Whitacre & The Chardonnay Boys -- DC's neo-soul tinged, dream pop Del Florida headlines this night of fun with MFR, named by The Croquet Gazette online as “DC's Best Dance Outfit” and KW&TCB who give good "reverb-vintage soundscapers" all at the Black Cat
  • April 13: Honey Kill/Boss Company/Tattiana Aqeel  -- a seductive line up with Honey Kill's "angst drenched retro indie," Boss Company's "deliciously dark narratives," and Tattiana Aqeel's "sweet and sultry acoustic melodies" at Epicure Cafe
  • April 14: Lucy Dacus with And the Kids and Adult Mom  -- Lucy can be whatever she wants to be, with her rich voice and approachable lyrics, I can't wait to see her perfectly paired in a show with And the Kids and Adult Mom, performing all the songs I wish I wrote way back when, performing at at the Rock & Roll Hotel

Jam Opps

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