Homecoming Jam at Metro Gallery rocks Baltimore on November 4th

By Jason Herman / November 11, 2017

On Saturday, November 4th, some of the very best bands from the Baltimore and Washington DC area came together to take part in the first Homecoming Jam at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore.  

Concert promoter and Baltimore native, Fernando Delgado, showcased some of talented music acts around the DC and Maryland area.   

The well-attended event had a sense of community spirit, as all of the bands on the line-up schedule chose to listen from the audience, in support of the other acts, rather than from the greenroom.     

Daniel Generette, Essential Vybe's frontman, from Baltimore wowed the audience with his dancing and splits, while Jordan Gillis rocked on guitar.  

Zach Bellas' performance was stunning and energetic performance of the band. Bellas has found his own new voice, emerging from his punk and reggae background, to a new rock n'roll sound.  

Diamond Canopy's  singer, Matthew Townsend's performance evoked the presence and style of former Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley, with a little Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam thown in.  Based on his energetic drumming, Matthew Grube seemed to throw all that he had into his craft that night.  

Of Tomorrow, the only Washington DC band to perform,  closed out the evening with a blistering and powerful funk rock performance.

Delgado aims to make the Homecoming Jam an annual event and we at DC Music Review look forward to the next edition.

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