Interview with Elizabeth II – Performing 6/2 At The All-Female Led Radiohead Tribute/Benefit Show


The Staycation Radiohead tribute + Planned Parenthood benefit concert is shaping up to be a very exciting show, with dozens of local musicians slated to perform, including a lineup of all-female lead singers. 

With the show just around the corner, DC Music Review is talking to some of the women/bands who will be performing front and center at the show.  Our next interview is with Beth Cannon (who is an INSANE talent, incredible shredder, and fearless songwriter) from Elizabeth II, a dynamic and punchy rock and roll band from Washington DC. With an eclectic Stevie Nicks nostalgia blended with a new age youthful edge, Elizabeth II combines thunderous vocals with bluesy guitar riffs driven by pulsating rhythms. 

(Photography by: Kareen Sabri)

DCMR: Hi Beth! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. Can you tell me a little bit about you as a musician?

Beth:  Hi, and thanks for talking with me! My main band that I gig with is Elizabeth II. I write all the songs and I bring on musician friends to play them with me! I also play guitar in the all-female band for Signature Theatre’s production of Girlfriend, Mike Hauser’s band, and I occasionally play bass in Carter Lou and The Project.

DCMR: That's a lot of diverse and very cool projects. What kind of music do you typically play in Elizabeth II? 

Beth: I play mostly hard rock, but my sound has definitely been influenced by all the blues I’ve been playing lately.

DCMR: And how long you’ve been playing in the DC scene and what's coming up for you? 

Beth: I've been playing in DC little over a year and really loving the people here. I have a lot of really good things coming up. I plan on finishing Elizabeth II’s First EP by the end of the summer, and we also have a show at the Black Cat on July 12 and a show at Slash Run on July 19!

DCMR: I can’t wait to hear the new EP and hope to catch those shows! I've been watching your videos and am really excited to see you perform live on Saturday, you can play a mean guitar and you really open yourself up in your songwriting. So tell us, how did you get involved in this Radiohead Tribute show and what's the rehearsal process been like?

Beth: I was asked if I would like to be a part of it! I jumped immediately at the opportunity to play with so many artists in DC that I respect. And the rehearsals have gone great. The members of the core band are all amazing and talented musicians. They were very easy to work with and it 's been a very friendly and encouraging environment.

DCMR: I'm so glad you are a part of this. I feel like you offer a really fresh voice and can't wait to see you performing with all of these other amazing women. So back to you remember the first time you heard them? 

Beth: I can’t say I remember the first time I heard of Radiohead, but I do remember the first song I heard was Creep. I have many memories of being at Berklee (College of Music) for five weeks during my high school summers and listening to everyone’s different Creep arrangements for the open mic nights.

DCMR: I can't wait to see who plays it on Saturday. So let's turn to talk about womxn in music. What’s being done and what can be done better, in your opinion?

Beth: I’ve noticed the efforts within the DC music scene to diversify show lineups with more women, which is great! I’d love to see more female instrumentalists in bands! There’s nothing better than seeing a woman kick ass on the drums, bass, guitar, and/or keys!

DCMR: I couldn't agree more, and conducting these interviews and getting to know some of you better is inspiring to me as an artist. So you're relatively new to the area, but since you've arrived do you think the DC music scene/community is changing?

Beth: I feel like the scene is becoming more diverse and encouraging to local music. While it still has ways to go, it’s gotten better even over this past year.

DCMR: And this is a tough one, but which artist(s) are you most excited to see perform at this show?

Beth: All of them! Erin Frisby from FuzzQueen definitely! She’s such a confident and talented front woman, so I'm very excited to see her performance. I’m also excited to see Selena Benally from More AM Than FM.

DCMR: We just interviewed them and their new band, The OSYX, and they are powerful! So yes, I too am very excited to see them perform. And to see you! What are you most excited about as you're getting ready for June 2nd?

Beth: I'm mostly excited to play at Black Cat! This is my first time performing at this venue so I’m looking forward to it!

DCMR: It's an amazing place to play and so great that they are hosting this benefit concert. Speaking of which,  what are your thoughts on supporting local Planned Parenthood centers, as this event does.

Beth: It’s very important to support Planned Parenthood. A lot of people don’t realize that Planned Parenthood provides countless services for a women’s health that someone may not be able to get it at their normal doctor’s office.

DCMR: Anything else you'd like to share?

Beth: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me! I’ll see you on Saturday!

DCMR: Thank YOU so much! We can’t wait to see you perform on June 2 at the Black Cat!

Want to see this artist and more at Staycation's Radiohead Tribute?  Word is that tickets are moving fast and it may sell out. Click "Buy Tickets Now" to get yours!

To learn more about Elizabeth II, please check out her Facebook page.

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