Keller Williams brings his Thanksforgrassgiving to Richmond, VA and Washington,DC

Keller Williams Thanksforgrassgiving
Keller Williams Thanksforgrassgiving 2017 Poster

If you live close to Richmond, VA or Washington, DC and are a bluegrass fan, you have an excellent opportunity to see two all-star bluegrass performances.  Keller Williams presents his third annual Thanksforgrassgiving bluegrass concerts.  November 24th, the day after Thanksgiving, you can see Keller and his band perform at The National in Richmond, VA.  On Saturday, November 25th, Williams takes his all-star band north to perform at 9:30 Club in Washington, DC on November 25.

In addition to Keller Williams, this year's band includes Larry Keel  (guitar), Jenny Keel  (bass) of The Keels, Jeremy Garrett of (fiddle) The Infamous Stringdusters, Jay Starling (dobro) of Love Canon, and Danny Barnes (banjo).

Each performance will start with an opening solo set by Keller Williams followed by a performance by the Thanskforgrassgiving lineup band.

Multi-talented musician Keller Williams will once again host a pair of Thanksforgrassgiving all-star bluegrass concerts the weekend after Thanksgiving. Keller’s 2017 Thanksforgrassgiving shows will take place at The National in Richmond, Virginia on November 24 and at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. on November 25.

This year each of the Thanksforgrassgiving shows will feature for the first time an opening solo set by Keller Williams, followed by a performance by the all-star Thanksgiving Band. The third annual event will showcase a band lineup that KDub on his “poser mando” along with guitarist Larry Keel and bassist Jenny Keel of The Keels, fiddler Jeremy Garrett of The Infamous Stringdusters, Dobro player Jay Starling of Love Canon and banjo player Danny Barnes.

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