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DCMR Mobile Applications

Did you know that DC Music Review has mobile applications providing native Apple and Android Mobile Applications! This means that you can browse our riich and wonderful content in applications designed specifically for your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Android Tablet.

Not only do these applications provide all the comforts of our regular web content, but it also includes some enhanced notifications that make you aware of when we publish new content and go live with one of our frequent webcasts.

So now that we have announced the application - the next question  you may have is "Ok.. but why do I need this?"

  • Off-Line Browsing - We recognize that you are on the go and sometimes stuck in dead zones in the DC Metro or at aremote music festivals (lucky you!). As a result, some of our content is cached and available for you wherever you may be.
  • Mobile-Friendly Pages - We have some rich content on our website, but on a mobile device, we present streamlined layouts that are easy to navigate.
  • Push Notifications - When an article comes out, you are notified!
  • Push Notification Settings - Currenty most of our notications are sent to a general notification. We are working behind the scenes to push automatically to the the notification channel you subscribe to.

  • Download Our New Application Today

    So what are you waiting for?
    Get it On The Google Play Store

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