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Both members of Flight Facilities illuminated on stage

With seemingly every pop song leading with a catchy EDM beat, there's no doubt that electronic music is taking over the cultural zeitgeist.  DC Music Review is here to highlight three acts who take their production in a unique direction, never letting radio play drive their artistic vision. This month, our radar is tuned to DC's Eau Claire, Australian bred Flight Facilities, and English based Mount Kimbie. All three offer a distinct sound and carve out their own unique niche within the broader electronic genre.

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Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts—Flight Facilities is ready for liftoff. Please sit back and relax on our journey from the 9:30 Club to sold out arenas. You may think Flight Facilities cringes when the airplane trope is used in reference to them, but they actually fully embrace it.

On Thursday, May 31, the 9:30 Club entertained the funky electronic tunes of Australia’s Flight Facilities, and D.C. showed up ready to dance.  

Flight Facilities dressed in pilot outfits on stage

Entering the stage to the tune a flight attendants call button ringing, the electronic duo, which consists of Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell, stepped out in pilot inspired outfits. Gruzman rocked an old school version, while Lyell kept his modern. With their gear set up behind lights placed to form a pseudo airplane runway, it’s clear that these two are dedicated to providing a stand out concert experience—and they succeed.

Blending modern electronic beats, disco inspired funk, and catchy vocals, the crowd found it hard not to shake it throughout the entirety of the show.

Ric Rufio encouraging the crowd to stay down as the beat builds

The duo amped up their charming performance with the powerful vocals and exuberant energy of Graace and Ric Rufio, two natural born performers.

Smiles were plastered to the face of just about every attendee when Rufio instructed everyone to crouch down low. As the beat built up, the anticipation rose, and at his command the crowd leapt up and boogied down. In fact, the crowd was so pumped that the duo played longer than initially anticipated, tacking on two extra songs after the encore.

Graace singing during Flight Facilities show

Flight Facilities’ passion for music and a spectacle has led to sold out shows for the entirety of their tour in Australia and New Zealand. Board the flight for Flight Facilities before they take off and start selling out US arenas. 

Enjoy the following photos by our photographer Ana Medvedeva

For more information, please check out Flight Facilities' Facebook or Instagram.

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