Summer of Drive-in Concerts Coming to Crescendo Studios

DC Music Review is proud to announce that we are teaming up with Crescendo Studios to bring you a summer of drive-in concerts!

The initial summer run will kick-off on July 24 feauturing Nah., with shows every weekend through the end of August. Other confirmed headliners include: Carly Harvey, The Last Rewind - DC's Phish Tribute, Modell, Soderstromg and James, Ashleigh Chevalier Band, The NRIs, Two Ton Twig, and S.N.R.G. More lineup announcements are coming soon. Scroll down to see the schedule.

Tickets will go on sale at 5:00 PM on Tuesday, July 14 on the Crescendo Studios website at:

What to expect:

  • Each show will consist of an opening act and a headlining act.
  • The opening act will be playing outside between 8:15 - 8:45pm.
  • The headlining act will be playing inside of our Black Box performance space with no audience. The video will be projected onto our 180" screen outside of our building. Audio will be transmitted via FM transmitter to your car radio! You are free to stay inside the car enjoying the show or set up some chairs to enjoy an outdoor experience in your own space.

How it works:

  • Three ways of getting in:
    • 1) Purchase an individual ticket and ride with someone with a ticket/parking pass, OR;
    • 2) Purchase an individual ticket with a parking pass and bring ticketed friends with you, OR;
    •  3) Purchase the "Full Car Special" and get a parking pass with 4 tickets at a discount.  Not everyone has to ride in the same car (i.e., some can metro, walk, bus, bike, Lyft, drive themselves and park elsewhere), but all four people need to be associated with that car to get the discount.
  • Our entrance will open at 7:30pm to get cars situated and accommodated. Show begins at 8:15pm.
  • This is a socially distanced show so we ask that you respectfully keep your distance from other groups and DO NOT congregate with other groups.
  • You are allowed to bring outside food and drinks.
  • IDs will be checked upon arrival.
  • Use of our facilities will be one at a time and done using a texting service. While masks are not required by law outdoors, masks will be required when using the bathrooms or purchasing food.

*This is a new experience and the rules are subject to change*

Get tickets at:


July 24th - Nah.

Nah. are 5 friends from the Washington DC area making indie rock, dreamgaze, hippie punk, or whatever you hear when you’re listening to us. Nah. began in 2015 with an almost entirely different cast of humans as the brainchild of bassist Brendan Ra Tyler, the intention behind it being a way to communicate better about mental health and healing, a purpose that has held strong for 3 years
Opening Act: Lindsay Collette

July 25th - Carly Harvey

Opening Act: Jahnel Daliya (

August 1st - The Last Rewind

The Last Rewind is Washington DC's Phish tribute band and the latest project of an all-star conglomerate of DC-area musicians. Formed in 2015 and with dozens of shows under their belt, The Last Rewind brings high energy sets, faithfulness to Phish's compositions and virtuosity, and a unique style of improvisation to stages across the Mid-Atlantic.

August 8th - Modell, Soderstorm, and James

Inspired by the music if Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorius, Michel Camilo, Freddie Hubbard, MMW and many others, this trio creates an authentic, shameless and original musical experience through collaborative songwriting and improvisation. Nothing happens here with force, only through relaxed musical communication.

August 14th - Ashleigh Chevalier Band

Opening Act: Annie Stokes (

August 15th - The NRIs

Opening Act: Kemi Adegoroye (

August 21st - Two Ton Twig

Two Ton Twig explores the fringes of traditional bluegrass and string band music with their eclectic blend of modern influences. Based in Alexandria, VA.

Opening Act: Griefcat (

August 28th - S.N.R.G.

Each piece of S.N.R.G. art is an extension of the ever-evolving narrative created by eyespk and L.A.S.T.O.N.E. Much like the video game, the Super Barrio Bros., look to conquer new worlds while saving a princess in the process... but sometimes you just fall in LAVA! [LOVE, UGH!]

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Will Urquhart is a television and radio producer, concert taper, and audiovisual expert. His focus is on webcast production and projection visuals for political organizations and bands. Will's work has been featured in various publications such as NPR, Live For Live Music, Live Music Daily, and many more.