Teen Mortgage “Life/Death” EP Review

By Josh Hudson / July 10, 2019
Teen Mortgage

The latest five-song EP from the Washington, DC outfit Teen MortgageLife/Death, is an excellent exercise in well-executed, aggressive rock and roll.

The duo, consisting of James Guile (guitar/vocals) and Ed Barakauskas (drums), embraces their constraints and never stray too far from the sludgy, garage punk rock sound of the opening track, “Doctor,” but they also prove that there is not much reason for that.  Tracks like the eponymous “Life/Death” and “S.W.A.S” expanded on the sounds of the previous tracks opening statement, providing riffs for days and tight, pounding drums that don’t let up.  

The final two tracks, “Falling Down” and “The Change,” certainly continue to carry the torch of the previous three songs, but do find a way to branch out slightly into a more loud/quiet dynamic with cleaner, reverb-laden guitar tones reminiscent of surf rock.  While the opening tracks of the album show that these guys can write good, old-fashioned punk rock, these final tracks display a degree of diversity in their song writing abilities.

Life/Death was released on June 21st digitally on Band Camp, and for the physical media collectors out there, on cassette through Brooklyn-based label King Pizza Records.  For those of you who like your riffs big, loud, and sludged out, this EP is a no-brainer. Stop reading, go listen. Now.

Teen Mortgage - Life / Death

Teen Mortgage


Released: June 21, 2019

Track Listing:

1. Doctor

2. Life/Death

3. S.W.A.S

4. Falling Down

5. The Change

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Take a Listen

Take a Listen

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