Saying Goodbye to Winter: The March Edition of DC Scene-In-Review Podcast

March was full of madness and the DC Scene-In-Review Podcast is here to catch you up on some of the best concerts from around the DMVl. We had our first actual snow day of the year... on the first day of spring for some reason. It didn't cancel every show, so we've got a little bit of music from that snowy night. The Cherry Blossom Festival also got started in March. We've got some music from a brand new band, 1 Identity, music from a brand new taper, Nora Lyle, and an interview with Jesse Royal by a new DC Music Review contributor, Karin McLaughlin of Karin's Calendar. And as always, Rudi Greenberg of the Washington Post Express breaks down the highlights of March and the shows coming up that you won't want to miss. Click here to subscribe to the DC Scene-In-Review Podcast on iTunes.

Set 1: Foolish Fun

Set 2: Snow-Covered Spring

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Will Urquhart

Will Urquhart is a television and radio producer, concert taper, and audiovisual expert. His focus is on webcast production and projection visuals for political organizations and bands. Will's work has been featured in various publications such as NPR, Live For Live Music, Live Music Daily, and many more.