Villain & Saint in Bethesda Closes

AZTEC SUN performs at the Villain & Saint

As the saying goes "Good News Travels, Bad News Travels Faster."

With that said, DC Music Review regrets to pass along the news that downtown Bethesda's beloved Villain & Saint has shut down. 

To all our customers and bands that have performed at Villain, we have closed our doors. We have enjoyed serving and entertaining Bethesda for four years. Please visit us at our two other music venues Keystone Korner Baltimore and Villain & Saint in Atlantic City at the Ocean Casino Resort

      //  Message on Villain & Saint's website and social media..

Villain & Saint has been a staple of the Metro DC area music community and as recently as this past Saturday, Black Masala performed at the venue. According to an article in Bethesda Magazine, the venue closed due to financial struggles.

This is a genuinely somber time for the local music community - musicians and music lovers alike. In addition to local acts, the venue became home to Neel Singh’s Open Jam/Workshop. This event held every other Wednesday attracted musicians from around the region to jam, collaborate, and meet.

We are very sad for all the employees of this beloved venue who are now without jobs (Editor Note: We have been told that the owner of Villan & Saint is trying to relocate employees in other jobs within the parent companies establishments). We are disappointed for all the musical acts that have lost a musical home and were scheduled to perform.  We are sad for the music community and fans who have lost a place they called home and watched excceptionally talented musicians perform.  May each and every one find a new home filled with music to fill the air.

DC Music Review will miss back patio, the wonderful tapestries on display, and the insanely talented musicians that graced Villain & Saint's stage and magical moments with friends and fans alike.

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