WATCH LIVE: Gordon Sterling Presents: The Gypsysally’s Jam

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We will be on scene at tonight's Gordon Sterling Presents: The Gypsysally's Jam to provide a livestream via the DC Music Review facebook page. You can also find the stream on the DC Music Review YouTube page and  on the DCMR twitter via periscope. Those of you that would prefer an audio-only stream can find that on DC Music Review contributor Will Urquhart's Mixlr account.

Gordon and friends recently updated the run of things for the Gypsy Sally's jam, and we have a full breakdown of those changes below!

Updated Gypsysally's Jam Procedures:

Bucket Jam: Familiar to most, but if you are not, here's how it goes: put your name in the bucket onstage that corresponds with the instrument you play (keys, drums, and amps provided; guitars, basses, horns, etc. brought by you). Sean, our soundman, will then pick a name at random out of each bucket. He will hand the names over to me and I will read them out. That list of people will then get onstage and jam! Sean will be picking the names so that I can have more time to hang with you guys!

Random Select: This type of jam goes as follows: assemble a crew of musicians of your choosing. Write down your crew on a piece of paper, and bring it over to the soundboard where our soundman Sean will pick the pre-assembled crew at random, and give that list to me. I will then call the person who assembled that crew together, and it will be your time to shine!

Fan Jam: This new way of selecting players involves the audience! An audience member will be chosen, and that person will choose ANYONE THEY WANT (I mean ANYONE) for their own custom "Fan Jam"! If you want a chance to be this lucky audience member, you will put your name in the “Fan Jam” bucket that will live with Sean by the soundboard. There is only one “Fan Jam” per night!!!

Commission Jam: What is a "Commission Jam", you ask? The Commission (aka the house band) will have 3 jams each night, one to kick off the night, one in the middle, and one at the very end of the night.

In order to accommodate everyone's needs, each jam will be 8 minutes in length. Jammers will not play more than once unless all other jammers (on that instrument) have gotten the chance to play, if no one else wants to play that instrument for that particular jam, or if they are selected for the “Fan Jam.” Members of The Commission will only play in the “Commission Jams” unless a spot needs to be filled on a “Bucket Jam” or they are chosen for the “Fan Jam”.

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