Yes Darling Comes to Gypsy Sally’s Tonight with The Dan Lipton Trio

Ryan and Hayley take over Gypsy Sally's facebook to promote their upcoming show

There is just one week left until the new super-duo, Yes Darling, comes to DC for their first time to play at Gypsy Sally's with The Dan Lipton Trio opening.

Yes Darling features Hayley Jane and Ryan Montbleau in an adorable, quirky, and fun combination of two powerful performers. While this is their first time together at Gypsy Sally's, neither are strangers to this Georgetown venue. You can begin to get a sense of what kind of chemistry we are in for from the description on the show page:

Hayley sings. Ryan plays guitar and sings. Which means Ryan does more.

Yeah, but Hayley puts way more time and effort into looking and sounding good on stage and is obviously the face of the project.

Led by the legendary Ryan Montbleau and commanded by the illustrious Hayley Jane, there is rarely a disagreement or power struggle within the project. The two get along like peas and carrots. Except for when they don’t. But they do. Yeah, sometimes. Hayley, you’re ruining this bio right now. Well Ryan, I told you to just let me do it! That never ends well. And you’re supposed to leave two spaces after the end of a sentence, I’ve had to go back and fix all of yours. What? I have never heard of that in my entire life! Don’t fix that one. Ugh, fine. Let’s get back to writing about how great we are.

The Dan Lipton Trio is another familiar group at Gypsy Sally's. In fact, they were on that main stage exactly a year ago today, and you can relive that night with a livestream recording and full set audio below. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 on day of show. 

Enjoy this livestream recording of the Dan Lipton Trio recorded by our collaborator Will Urquhart.

Enjoy audio recording of the performance recorded by our collaborator Will Urquhart.

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