Bryce Vine Lights Up The 9:30 Club, Leaving D.C. Wanting More

By Ana Medvedeva / November 13, 2018
Bryce Vine

“You guys know Bryce Vine?!”

“Oh my god! I love this song...we gotta hurry we’re gonna miss his set!”

Bryce Vine double exposure

The remaining stragglers of the crowd hurriedly filed into the 9:30 Club last Thursday, November 8, as a heavy bass reverberated throughout the venue. 

Squeezing through a crowd, packed shoulder to shoulder, one would gather that Bryce Vine was the headlining act of the night. And Vine is most certainly on his way to headlining a nationwide tour; the level of comfort and confidence in his performance is a clear indicator of this.

Dancing across the stage with a bright smile, Vine playfully interacted with his fans, his sassiness increasing as the set progressed. Jumping into 'Bella,' a hypnotic number that dives into the experience of liking someone who isn’t of favor within your inner circles, Vine’s eyes lit up with a look of shock at how many people were singing back the entirety of the song to him.

“Holy SHIT D.C.! This is hands down the best crowd of the entire tour so," remarked Vine.

Bryce Vine jumping on stage

For an artist who has yet to release his first full album, Vine’s success and dedicated fanbase is fairly unique... a fact that Vine himself is aware of. Following a gulp of water, Vine addressed the crowd,

“So I have an album coming out next year. It’s going to be my first album and it’s dropping in 2019.”

As the crowd cheered with enthusiasm, he made sure to set realistic expectations for the fans.

“Now... I’m not saying that the album is going to drop like, the first day of 2019 or anything but like, sometime in the early part of the year” laughed Vine.

After giving a taste of his debut album with 'La La Land,' a breezy tune that is sure to make its way to countless summer playlists, Vine took a pause to address some breaking news.

There had been a mass shooting in his hometown, at a bar that he performed at and even celebrated his 21st birthday at. As he processed the traumatic news on stage, Vine advised,

“This is the kind of shit that you can’t really get a grasp on in your brain for why it happens—because there’s really no reason, we don’t even know why we’re here. Just enjoy the people around you... I know I’m trying to.”

With the crowd erupting in cheers of support, Vine continued,

“Listen to good music and keep your head up. I didn't mean to bring the mood down for everyone, but I guess I just did that” he chuckled.

Bryce Vine

There’s no stopping Bryce Vine, a fact evidenced by a flawless transition back into a high energy performance of his hottest single, 'Drew Barrymore.' Leaving the stage with a giant grin plastered on his face, the DC crowd left the artist with a taste for what’s to come as they shouted,


Bryce Vine is currently completing his run on tour opening for MAX.

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