Debut Album Review & Interview: Brother’s Crickets – Love You Over and Over

Brother’s Crickets

What started off as an EP of love songs for his wife, turned into a full album of a transcendental story about love. Brother’s Crickets debut eight-track album Love You Over and Over, released September 10, 2019, is an experimental blend of genres that is both upbeat and soothing. 

With the exception of two slower songs -  track one “Sitting, Wishing” and track eight “Things I Wish I Knew” -  the album is all music you’d bob your head to, then start humming to, and then finally start singing along with. 

The one-man band consists of Brad Austin who, with the exception of the opening song, “Sitting, Wishing,’ wrote every song on an acoustic guitar. However, when you listen, you’ll be surprised at the soft electronic sounds, and Brad explained to us, “Using the technology as an instrument in its own right became an unexpected turn in the process and really opened up some avenues that I hadn't considered before.” 

It’s clear in both his expression of love literally through his lyrics, and then through the love you can hear in his sound that he is truly passionate. 

We had the opportunity to ask Brad a few questions about the album: 

If you could say one thing to someone before they listened to your album, what would it be?

I suppose I'd say that this album is good for a variety of settings. If you want to listen closely in headphones, listen to the whole thing. If you want to have generally upbeat music in the background while you play drinking games with your friends, skip the first and last songs. They're intentionally ordered this way for these reasons.

How did you end up choosing the title of the album?

This project was initially going be an EP of love songs as a gift to my wife. All of the songs, with the exception of "Sitting, Waiting," were written on an acoustic guitar with a much more singer-songwriter feel. As time went on and as our circumstances changed (moving, losing loved ones, having kids), I started thinking about all the different kinds of love I felt. There was romantic love, familial love, the love I have for my closest friends, etc. Each song is directly connected to a particular time and place in my life and, for me, each one is a way to tell all these people I love them. My wife and kids were the starting points that brought all these other relationships into focus, so they're always present in each one. When we say we love each other in different situations, we're connecting different parts of love. It can be beautiful and bittersweet and everything in between, but ultimately love is a productive force that ...binds us (everyone) together.

Brother's Crickets

Love You Over and Over

Released: 2019

Track Listing:

1. Sitting, Waiting

2. Sometimes (Over and over, Pt. 1)

3. It's True, I Love You

4. Walk You Home

5. All I See (Empirical Love)

6. One for H.B.

7. Love Me Too (Over and over, Pt. 2)

8. Things I Wish I Knew




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