Sure Sure Return to DC9 For Their Second D.C. Show In 2018

By Ana Medvedeva / October 21, 2018
Photo Credit: Brittany O’Brien

Sure Sure has a thing for repetition. The bright and bouncy indie pop quartet is returning to DC9 for the second time in 2018 this Wednesday, October 24th.

The four recently released their new single, "Lie Lie Lie", which is reminiscent of the Miniature Tigers album, Tell It To The Volcano, with it's cheeky lyrics and playful melodies. The single has caught the attention of radio and media alike, with KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic and SiriusXM's Alt Nation adding it to their rotation. The incredibly influential music blog, Indie Shuffle wrote,

"LA-based Sure Sure have hit the perfect balance of groovy bassline, unique melody and generally catchy style..."

Read our interview below to get excited for this Wednesday's show and to hear about the craziest phone call they've received to their landline...yes, you read that right, these guys have a landline for their fans.

AM (Ana Medvedeva): I've found that one of the most unique aspects of Sure Sure is that you have a phone number that your fans can call at any time. How did that idea come to fruition? 

SS (Sure Sure): We looked at our cable bill one day and realized we were already paying for landline telephone service, so we went out and bought a landline telephone and put the number on Spotify. It's been great we've never looked back! 

AM: I imagine that with such an accessible phone number leads to some intriguing stories. Has there been one particular call or voicemail throughout the years that stands out?  

SS: We got a call once late at night from a fan who invited us to his birthday party. We were a little apprehensive but ended up going because they lived five minutes away and it felt serendipitous. It was a blast...they were the coolest and we are still friends...I do not recommend ever doing this.

AM: You guys recently moved out of your yellow house (a truly sad day). Are you all continuing to live together currently? What led to the decision to move out of the house?

SS: We loved that yellow house so much. Our landlord wanted to sell it, so we had to move out at the end of our lease. We will never forget recording our first album there, and will never forget our landlord painting it yellow without telling us. 

AM: What is your writing process like? Do you notice any differences when you're writing on the road vs. writing in LA?

SS: Our writing process varies song to song. Sometimes Chris and Charlie will come up with an already fleshed out song. Sometimes Kevin will make a spicy beat that sparks a tune, and then we all get in the computer and start making it with Mike's recording wizardry and our collective production know-how.

AM: You guys were in DC this past April, actually at the same venue (DC9). I’ve always found it interesting when bands come back to the same venue within the same year. How do you approach the show set up (set list, lighting, etc.) when playing the same venue? Is there anything special that the crowd can expect this time around? 

SS: New songs! Half of the set is new songs, or old songs we didn't play last time. The other half is juggling.

AM: Since you've visited DC before, what are your must hit stops when you're here? 

SS: Last time we tried to see the Lincoln Memorial but couldn't get close enough because it was closed and under construction...and also 1 AM. Would love to see that big fella if he's free this time.

Performance Details

Performance Details



Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Doors: 7:30PM

Show: 8:00PM

DC9 Nightclub


1940 9th Street NW

Washington, DC 20001 


$15 - In Advance

$15 - Day of Performance

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