This Show Will Be HOT: “The Summer Daze” at Gypsy Sally’s on Friday Night (with Staycation, Gordon Sterling & The People, Nah., Mary-eL)

You know how much fun it is to tempt fate and go out on a Friday the 13th, right? Well you have a sure bet this Friday night if you hit Gypsy Sally's for "The Summer Daze,"  a hot mix of music from some of DC's most gracious artists. 

Why this show? Each of these artists/bands exemplifies what it means to express yourself through art and collaboration and love. They are dedicated to the D.C. music scene, and proud of it:

Staycation blends electro-funk, gritty psychedelic rock, and infectious vocal melodies to reflect the diversity of their hometown Washington, D.C.  Made up of David Ray (drums/vocals), Neel Singh (bass), Nik Sus (vocals/guitar), and Will Sautter (vocals/alto sax/keys), they are the real deal. When I last saw them play at Gypsy Sally's, I was hooked from the mastery and intensity of the players, and their "heavy-hitting riffs with electro grooves, smooth horns, and lyrics evoking hints of sci-fi and soul.” (DCMR review) 

Staycation recently played 9:30 Club and were also the masterminds (along with Stephanie Sasarak) and backing band for the wildly successful Radiohead Tribute Show which raised over $6000 for the DC chapter of Planned Parenthood.

Gordon Sterling and the People is fronted by Gordon Sterling, a D.C. area based guitarist/singer who has played and toured extensively throughout the country and has a knack for bringing the right blend of musicians together to create some funky magic that makes you feel all the good things. He is a strong uniter on the D.C. scene, hosting the Gordon Sterling Jam at Gypsy Sally's every other Tuesday where musicians are called up randomly to jam and vibe together, "no matter what your stature is in the music scene." (Gordon Sterling). He's always in his musical element, but most of all when surrounded by the "people" he adores and admires and trusts and respects in terms of their musicality and friendship, specifically Mary-eL (vocals), Gena Photiadis (keys/vocals), TJ Turqman (bass), and Adam "Snaxx" Orlando (drums). 

Nah., an alternative rock band fronted by the insightful and intelligent poet/songwriter/lyricist Emma Bleker, gently takes hold of your hand and doesn't let go. Founded in 2015 by singer-songwriter-bassist Brandan Ra Tyler and filled-out with a talented crew of musicians including Emma, drummer Steve Rodriguez, guitarist Chris Smith,  and synth/ keyboardist Zack Be, their music infuses psychedelic improvisation with indie-style creativity.  

Their songwriting is personal, melodies transfixing, musicianship heartfelt, and their ability to reach out and connect with the audience makes you feel like you're among friends. They are a beloved, positively mesmerizing, undeniably talented local favorite who are growing tremendously on the scene.

Mary-eL Music is a force to be reckoned with. She is an incredibly powerful and talented artist (guitar, vocals, songwriter) who is so groovy, so funky, so electric, I often sit there agape when I watch her play. Mary seamlessly blends R&B, funk, and soul in a way that is akin to a blazing fire starting from rubbing together two sticks of wood. She enters a silent stage and in no time creates enormous, infectiously groovy energy where there was none. Watching her, you don't want to blink, less you miss a moment of her dynamic presence and complete pouring out of her soul on stage. 

We hear there will be some special guests joining the bands on stage throughout the night. Consider this an invitation to a giant musical lovefest. If you haven't seen these acts before, expect to be warmly embraced. 

Doors 7:00pm

Show Starts at 9:00pm

Tickets are $13

Flyer by Navid Marvi (Drop Electric, Technicians)

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