Of Tomorrow Opens the 9:30 Club To A Night Of Dance + Free Live Single Download [Photo/Video]

On January 19th, Of Tomorrow and Boombox performed at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. 

Of Tomorrow, a very talented DC band, opened the evening with a very strong performance of their distinctive sound, a mix of funk, rock, reggae samba, hip hop, soul and dance.

Of Tomorrow is Geoff Browning (guitar, vocals), Jonathan Modell (drums), Nicholas Söderström (bass), and a rotating cast of collaborators. This performance's collaborators included Natalie Ahearn (keys), Mike Candela (guitar), and Ardamus (microphone).

The highlights included exceptional solos by Ahearn on keyboards and some monster hip-hop lyric delivery by Ardamus.

Expect to see this Of Tomorrow configuration to stay intact throughout the spring and summer including upcoming festival appearances. 

DC Music Review was proud to support Of Tomorrow's second performance at the 9:30 Club and look forward to seeing them perform again in the near future.

Click here to see the setlist by Of Tomorrow at the 9:30 Club on January 19, 2018

Enjoy the LiveStream recording of the performance by our collaborator Will Urquhart.

Bonus Single

Tiny Hand (LIVE) - Recorded October 28, 2017 at Rock and Roll Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Enjoy photos by our photographer Jason Herman of Jason Herman Photography.

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