BENEE Makes Her Debut In The Nation’s Capital

BENEE smiling at the crowd at Songbyrd

New Zealand native ​​BENEE packs quite the punch. With hooks that simply refuse to leave your head and melodies that toe the line between pop and R&B, the 19 year old has managed to carve out a niche of her own within the oversaturated indie pop world.

Making her ​D.C. debut to a packed Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe this past Sunday, October 20, there's no denying that this is just the start for the young artist. We chatted with BENEE over email prior to her D.C. show to get the scoop on adjusting to her newfound fame, her thoughts on American food, and how she manages to stay sane whilst on tour.

Enjoy BENEE's candid responses and a photo recap of her D.C. performance below.

DCMR: From dropping out of college to pursue music to making a splash with “Soaked” (…see what I did there), your life has changed quite a bit in the past year or so. How have you been navigating your newfound notoriety?

BENEE: The last year has been pretty crazy! Everything right now still feels pretty surreal to me. I think I’m kinda just floating along like a leaf in a river.

DCMR: Has there been a hurdle you’ve encountered as a result of your music career that you weren’t expecting?

BENEE: Uhmmmm I dunnoooo! I think it’s been ok so far but I haven’t been doin it for that long so a hurdle will probably come and hit me in the face at some point. (:

DCMR: As someone who is rising in the music scene, who in your opinion should DC Music Review have on their radar?

BENEE: Oooooooh hmmm I have a song coming out soon in ma EP where this dude called Jack Berry features on it! He’s pre sick y’all should definitely check the music owt (::::

DCMR: I’ve read that your work is very visually driven. When you’re writing music, do you tend to have a visual in mind?

BENEE: For sure! I think when I’m writing I’m always thinking about images in ma brain! I think being dyslexic that’s something I’ve always done & for songwriting it helps me to write those stories.

DCMR: Touring usually means you’re embarking on a pretty intense road trip and are consuming a ton of fast food. What has been your favorite fast food experience in the U.S. so far, and why?

BENEE: Uhm I love Subway but to be honest it’s way better at home haha!

DCMR: Speaking of intense road trips, those are not only grueling on your body but also your mental health. How do you ensure you stay healthy mentally whilst on tour?

BENEE: Bring my mum.

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