Headlining The US For The First Time, This Kiwi Proves That You Can BAYNK On Him

BAYNK performing at Flash Nightclub in DC

On the last day of Pride Month, Saturday, June 30th, the streets of D.C. were overflowing with residents looking for the hottest party. With smile-inducing tropical beats, funky dance moves, and tactfully timed saxophone solos, Jock Nowell-Usticke, known under the monicker of BAYNK, was ready to step up to the challenge.

BAYNK playing saxophone at Flash Nightclub

Performing to a crowd packed like sardines on the sweltering rooftop of Flash Nightclub, the Kiwi producer used the intimate environment to his advantage.

With a small section of plexiglass acting as the sole barrier between the audience, Jock posed for photos and brought out his best dance moves, joining in on the fun.

Whipping out the saxophone he's had since he was a teen, Jock was met with hoots and hollers as he masterfully navigated various complex saxophone solos.

His easy going and down to earth nature truly shone as he shyly conversed with incredibly adoring fans, waiting eagerly to exchange a few words with their favorite artist.  

It's hard to believe that this is Jock's first ever North American headlining tour, as his confidence and ability to put on a multi-faceted performance speak truer to a seasoned roadster. 

BAYNK interacting with a fan at Flash Nightclub

Be sure to keep a tab on Jock's work, as you're sure to be hearing (and seeing) more of him as he continues to garner the attention of the music industry. 

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Enjoy the following photos by our photographer Ana Medvedeva

Listen to some of BAYNK's music courtesy of his Soundcloud page.

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