HERA Music Festival Comes To Falls Church This Weekend

Karin McLaughlin
By Karin McLaughlin / September 13, 2018
HERA Music Festival

​Any time a musician decides to be part of putting on a music festival, you can pretty much guar​​entee it's going to be next level.  They've got the experience, the know-how and the connections to ensure that both participants and attendees are going to enjoy themselves and the day.  Cathy DiToro, local musician - who you might have seen onstage with The Legwarmers - and founder of Project HERA, has done just that with her celebration of women and girls in music.  Sunday, September 16, DiToro and projectHERA bring the HERA Music Festival to Clare and Don's Beach Shack in Falls Church City.  "I started a non-profit to empower, celebrate, promote, connect and inspire women and girls in music​", notes Cathy when speaking to us about the organization and the event.  

HERA Music Festival
HERA Music Festival

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​After putting on a weekly event at Tortise and Hare in Arlington called 'Ladies Night on Stage' that featured local musicians, DiToro realized that she ​wanted to have a more concentrated event.  That's where the idea for projectHERA and the festival were born.  ​"Through a variety of resources, including education workshops and local musical events, projectHERA is dedicated to building and strengthening our music community, while providing a safe and encouraging outlet for women and young girls."  While women's empowerment seems to be something on the top of everyone's list as of late, projectHERA takes it to another level and this Sunday, attendees will get to see the movement in action.

A free, all ages event, HERA Festival kicks off at noon and goes for most of the day.  ​The event brings a heavy hitting lineup of fifteen female fueled bands, which even includes a middle school band as organizers ​hope to encourage young female musicians to pursue their interests and passions in the industry.  The goal of Sunday's concert and festival is to showcase the variety and abundance of female musical talent as well as to make others aware that projectHERA exists and demonstrate why it should.  Says DiToro, "I made all these powerful connections with women in music and a lot of people don't know about them and their talents." 

​In addition to seeing some great music, expect the opportunity to learn more about ​the organization itself and its mission.  Remember the event is free to attend, however donations will be more than welcome to keep this wonderful project moving forward, growing​ and bringing you more wonderful women in music.

Performance Details

Performance Details



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Doors: 12:00PM

Show: 9:00PM

HERA Music Festival


Clare & Don's Beach Shak

130 N Washington St

Falls Church, VA 22046

(Google Maps Link)


However HERA asks that you think about donating to their  'Female Fueled Music Festival' GoFundMe

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