John Kadlecik & The DC Mystery Cats Perform 3rd Annual Turkey Run At Gypsy Sally’s [Video/Audio/Photos]

John K & The DC Mystery Cats - Turkey Run

Updated January 4, 2018:  Added additional audio into article.

DC Mystery Cats - Turkey Run

John Kadlecik and his DC Mystery Cats performed their 3rd Annual Thanksgiving performances this past week at Gyspy Sally's in Washington, DC.  

Kadlecik and his DC Mystery Cats performed actual Jerry Garcia Band setlists in their entirety on Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday, and on Sunday performed two full sets of requests they did not perform the previous three nights.

The first night's performance, a benefit to DC Central Kitchen raised well in excess of $1500 for this local charity.

After a brief respite for Thanksgiving with the family and friends, The DC Mystery Cats welcomed Ron Holloway with The Dirty Grass Players on Friday night.  Ron Holloway sat in for a song with the DC Mystery Cats on Friday night and enjoyed the experience so much that he stayed for the entire performance.  Leslie Mendelson delighted the audience with her performance on Saturday night. 

The complete lineup for the DC Mystery Cats is John Kadlecik (guitar, vocal), Larry Joseloff (bass), Nathan Graham (drums), Paul Grepps (keyboards), Jessica Lake (vocals), and Mary Lankford (vocals).

 It is worth nothing that not only did the audience each night have a festive and exceptional time at the performances, but those in attendance could not help but notice the utter joy, laughs, and exuberance shown on stage by each and every artist.  

John Kadlecik and the DC Mystery Cats Thanksgiving performances may only be three years old  but we certainly hope that this annual celebration continues many years into the future.  

Please see our exclusive photographs from Night 1 and 2 courtesy of our photographers Jason Herman and Mark Raker.  We were truly delighted to bring you webcast and audio from Night 4's performances courtesy of our Audio / Video extraordinaire  Will Urquhart.  

A very special thank you to Bob Jacobson who provided his uStream Videos for Nights 2, and 3.

  • NIGHT 1 
  • NIGHT 2
  • NIGHT 3
  • Night 4

Enjoy the audio recording by our contributor Bob Jacobson

Performance Date:  November 22, 2017

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