Liza Anne Performs At Union Stage

Juxtaposition seems to be the theme at Union Stage on a cool Sunday, May 6th evening. Clad in coordinated white outfits, the opening act leaves the stage to a cheering crowd.

Strutting on stage in a quintessential red beret and a bubblegum pink jumpsuit adorned with red fringe, Liza Anne exudes confidence that seemingly only the star quarterback of a high school football team has. 

Anne captivating the crowd with her powerful vocals.

May is mental health awareness month, and Anne, who’s full name is Liza Anne Odachowski, is helping fans feel less alone by bringing her struggles with panic disorder and self doubt to the stage. 

On this particular night, a hushed crowd perks their ears and sways side to side, intently watching Anne command the stage with her electric dancing. Reminiscent of Courtney Barnett, Anne mixes raw emotion with a striking boldness, enticing her fans to travel down from Boston to witness her in the flesh. 

Transitioning into a cover of The Cranberries “Dream”, the room shifts in energy. Anne is artfully bringing the crowd through the process of her emotional healing—the anger is over, and the sadness has taken hold. 

Liza Anne's red beret at her feetLiza Anne's red beret laying at her feet.

The beret now at her feet, her band swiftly leaves the stage. Anne sips her tea and exclaims, “This is my therapy, so let me have it”. 

It was time for the crowd to hear the bookends of the record, and witness Anne at her most vulnerable. Bearing her deepest and darkest thoughts, the teenage crowd ogles Anne in their cuffed jeans, blanketing the room in a silence typically reserved for the SAT. It is easy to see that her lyrics have helped them through many sleepless nights, and have helped heal.

Ensuring the crowd leaves in the last stage of an emotional wave, acceptance and closure, Anne jumps into her newest song, which will be on her upcoming record. Surfer punk vibes fill the room, and a beaming Anne scans the room with a grin that seems to say that healing yourself every night ain’t so bad. 




Click here to see the setlist for Liza Anne at Union Stage on May 6, 2018

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