Review: Bencoolen Release Debut Album ‘Daydream’

By Abbie Ginis / February 28, 2019

Bencoolen are proof that good things come from hard work. What started off as a passion project has quickly evolved into a way of life, thanks to five wildly talented and charismatic men. Formed in 2014 by college pals Paul Gregg (vocals, guitar) and Teddy Scott (guitar), Bencoolen are a self-made, self-managed band complete with a debut album and a massive tour.

Only solidifying the members in mid-2016 — welcoming Jack Bentsen (alto sax), Will Lockery (drums), and Ben Suarez (bass) — Bencoolen move fast. With a handful of EPs and now one full length LP under their belt, it’s no surprise that they’re already hitting the road on their largest tour to date.

Daydream due on March 8, is rock ‘n roll at its finest, complete with a jazzy sax and fervent guitar shreds. Bencoolen play this album with a near tangible energy, errant notes and chords seemingly leaping through time and space to completely envelope and enrapture any and all listeners. Their combination of blues and funk feels unique to them, but Bencoolen feel vocally reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The ten track album radiates confidence and ease, as though each member was born to live and breathe their instrument. While "Tonight," "Roll On," and "Daydream” headline the album, each track shows off the strongest elements of each band member. There is a vast diversity of sound and emotion distributed throughout, allowing the album to ebb and flow in a satisfying rhythm.

There are a few songs, such as “Don’t Wanna Wait” and “Habits” that feature softer instrumentals and slower tempos, however, that softness fades quickly as the drums pick up and Gregg’s vocals soar atop a soulful jam, immediately transforming the tracks into one where you can’t help but dance or bop along. In the end, Bencoolen are rockers through and through, shredding and synchronizing their instruments in a funk-forward harmony.

Daydream is an album that’s meant to be heard live, with the volume cranked up as loud as possible. Thankfully, Bencoolen are touring all around the DMV these next few months, including a stop at Pearl Street Warehouse on Friday, March 1 for their album release show, so there’s no excuse to miss out.

Bencoolen’s Daydream is a fantastic debut, and we’re excited to hear what they’ll do next.

Bencoolen <i>Daydream<i></i>



Released: March 8, 2019

Track Listing:

1. Tonight

2. Don't Wanna Wait

3. Remember

4. Habits

5. Roll On

6. Forgive Me

7. Lucky

8. When You Look Back

9. Show Me Your Hands

10. Daydream

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