The Sights & Delights of The Festy Experience – A Family Friendly Festival For Everyone

A family on their way to the The Festy Experience

Every festival you go to is going to have great music, but it's the sights and sounds that happen off the stage that gives a festival its unique character and culture. The Festy Experience - "The Telluride of the East" - has a very distinct personality: family friendly, world-class bluegrass music, and the space to roam and enjoy all aspects of the festival grounds.

Telling people that you're a family-friendly festival is a selling point that many an event has claimed to seem appealing to certain demographics.   Until you get to experience something that takes into account all aspects of what parents of little ones and little ones themselves need, you might not even realize what is missing from most.  Festy Experience has formulated the recipe for perfection when it comes to a truly, family-friendly festival.  

The Feisty Experience

​A great lineup is not a bad place to start by any means.  If you've never gotten to see one of the amazing bands that was on the lineup this year in a location where you aren't smushed up against​ a few thousand other people, let me tell you, it's the way to go.  With little ones in tow, you might think that sacrifices will have to be made in order to keep them ​busy and to allow you to also see the music, however have no fear, because you are wrong.  Organizers of the three day event put together a layout that places the fun-filled kids zone, sponsored by Heart Song, right next to the main stage, keeping everyone entertained within a few feet of each other.  Bonus that the kids zone had something for little ones planned from noon to 8, occupying their time with things like a folk music workshop or nature crafts to keep creative little hands and minds busy.  

Another huge bonus to not being packed like sardines because they want to boast a 'sell out' crowd, is that there was always grass to lay out a blanket on, space to spread out and enough room to let kids and adults alike run around and dance their way through the farm without the risk of never being able to find home base again.  Great acts that start on the earlier side also means that you get to enjoy the music and still get tiny ones to sleep at a pretty decent hour, as not to throw off their whole schedule.  

The Festy Experience

Set up your blanket and chairs on the Blue Ridge Bowl's gentle hill and watch the main stage, walk to eTown stage to hear an interview and small acoustic set with your favorite artist or head to the Kid's Zone where there is something to do every day from noon until 8 pm. Each day The Festy Experience made sure to have something special planned, a late night bonfire performance on a hill, a late night performance in The Blue Ridge Bowl.

A full weekend of activities were planned for The Kid Zone

Click for a full size image of the weeknd's Kids Zone Activities

Rest assured, The Festy Experience is worth attending either for a single day or the entire weekend. There will be world-class bluegrass music, and there is something to enjoy for everyone. Please enjoy the sights of this festival brought to you by our roaming photographers who captured the "Experience" of The Festy Experience.

The Festy Experience
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