Greensky Comes Back to DC with Special Guests

​With snow an ever promised, rarely delivered event in the Nations Capital, one thing we actually can depend on every winter is the return of fan favorite Greensky Bluegrass.  Having been a two-night run for years now - first starting at 9:30 Club and then sharing split custody with sister venue The Anthem - Greensky has for the second year in a row, landed themselves a home for two nights at the largest music venue that calls The Wharf home.  

After wrapping their Fall Tour "Courage for the Road", the band ​​put out the first installment of a new series released exclusively on Spotify.  Fans can hear 90 minutes containing 14 songs that the band hand selected ​themselves from the tour.  

Greensky Bluegrass
Greensky Bluegrass

A group of guys that love music and the road and never seem to be having anything but fun, winter tour kicked off January 15th and has ​been going strong.  Prior to that, fans were treated to an incredible three-night run for New Years Eve up in Milwaukee.  The fun continues on through the next few weeks with the guys calling the east coast home for the remainder of the month.

Joining them on the bill for the tour is Ghost Light, and the DC crowd can get  extra excited for a special guest Friday night that also calls the area home - Cris Jacobs.   Those of us that were lucky enough to catch Greensky on their summer tour this past year up in Baltimore saw what happens when these guys get together and man are we pumped about it.  

Greensky Bluegrass
Greensky Bluegrass

Of course after winter tour ends, the fellas continue stoking the fire with festivals a plenty - just on the short list they have their own festival up in Michigan this summer Camp Greensky as well as one that they were a part of planning back for its second impressively stacked lineup, 4848 Festival.  In between the two, they're at just about every other hot ticket event that we'll be chomping at the bit to be a part of: Blue Ox Music Festival, Telluride, Suwanee Spring Reuinion, Bonnaroo and more!  

Make sure to keep up to date with DC Music Review for plenty more info on some of the festivals that are coming our way in 2020 and check ​out Greensky's website here for full tour info. Make sure ​to get tickets early as this band is known to sell out show after show while they set stages ​on fire across the country and beyond.

​Greensky Bluegrass

Performance Details



​Friday, January 31 and Saturday, February 1st

Doors: 6:00 PM

Show: 7:30 PM

$​42.50- General Admission

$65  - Super Excellent Seats

$80 - two day pass

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