Elizabeth II Releases Bite My Neck

By Jason Herman / March 2, 2020
Elizabeth II

DMV musician and hard rocker Elizabeth II has been hard at work in 2020. Fresh off the heels of four 2020 Wammies nominations, she released "Bite My Neck" on March 1st.  

Elizabeth II - Bite My Neck

Bite My Neck is a song that lyrically tackles the mysteries of new found lust in an age of uncertainty.

The song starts off with the haunting subtlety of a rhythmic backbone, a tip-toe-esque bassline, and soft melodic whispers from the queen herself that quickly punches you in the face with heavy guitar riffage and angsty harmonious screams the second the chorus hits. 

Elizabeth II //  On "Bite My Neck"


We hope you all attend the Wammies Award Weekend, March 27-29, to see if Elizabeth II picks up any of awards. 

Have a listen to "Bite My Neck" and see what you think. Want to get in a fight? Let "Bite My Neck" be your anthem!




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