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We're back! DC Scene-In Review took a little break during summer so I could go do summer things and focus on enjoying some festivals. But we're back with this special episode, and sometime soon, in the fall, we will resume our normal, monthly programming. Subscribe to the DC Scene-In-Review podcast on itunes!

This episode is one of my favorites I've done so far. We have so much incredible music lined up for you from the 2018 LOCKN' Festival. In addition to all that great music, we'll talk with William Howard from the Judy Chops about the ROCKN' to LOCKN' experience, and Rudi Greenberg of the Washington Post Express joins us later to talk about his latest article previewing all the upcoming fall shows from bands who played LOCKN' that we can look forward to. This was my third LOCKN' in a row, and every year I've left feeling so fulfilled. It's some of the best music of the summer, and if you're as fortunate as me, you got to spend it with some truly incredible friends.

I woke up early almost every day to catch as many of the ROCKN' to LOCKN' winners as I could  and this episode is going to focus exclusively on DMV affiliated bands. Our scene is strong and the DMV is producing some truly remarkable music. Maybe you caught these bands last weekend and want to hear them again, maybe you missed some of these sets, or maybe you didn't even get to attend LOCKN' at all and just want to check out what it had to offer. Well, here is a glimpse in this special edition of the DC Scene-In-Review Podcast. Presenting, LOCKN' Scene-In-Review!

Set List:

  • "Ripple" at  Keller Williams' Grateful Gospel on day 4 of LOCKN' - Full set audio
  • "Rock Steady" Aretha Franklin cover by THE FUZZ BAND on day 2 of LOCKN' - Partial set audio
  • "Spit It Out" by The Judy Chops on day 4 of LOCKN'- Full set audio
  • "One Woman Show" by Erin & the Wildfire on day 1 of LOCKN' - Full set audio
  • "Sticky July" by Butcher Brown on day 1 of LOCKN' - Partial set audio
  • "Time to Ride > Kashmir > Time to Ride" by Pigeons Playing Ping Pong on day 3 of LOCKN' - Full set audio
  • "Favorite Things" by Firecracker Jam on day 1 of LOCKN' - Full set audio
  • "And We Bid You Goodnight" at Keller Williams' Grateful Gospel on day 4 of LOCKN' - Full set audio
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